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Quantum IV: Obscurity by JXS-JLC Quantum IV: Obscurity by JXS-JLC
From Chapter 792, Verse YZ12 of the Catalog:

The Yomaeru Siblings
The Siblings are two planets orbiting the star Kronias HD83 in Greko’s Cloud, near the 7th outer arm of the Rophias Galaxy, 32 parsecs from the galactic core. The moon PolX, which orbits Yomaeru Tanagau, is host to the Tarxians. The Tarxians tell of a tale of the Yomaeru Siblings.

“Once in the vast land, there was a man named Yomaeru whose inner nature he could not conquer. He was in constant conflict and torment. All was lost until the Great Spirit, named Kronias came to his help. In exchange for his eternal servitude, Kronias would relieve him of his trouble. Yomaeru accepted, hoping to forever bury his doubts. And in a blinding light, his inner nature was split, resulting in two men, two people who were the same in body, but different in mind and nature. One was Yomaeru Tanagau or Yomaeru the Calm, who embodied the pursuit of self-control, wisdom, and separation from the mundane while his counterpart, Yomaeru Satosnok, or Yomaeru the Impatient, embodied the elements that surrounded self-satisfaction, avarice, fear, and acceptance of the impure. As they were now bound to Kronias, their duty was to serve him. Satosnok, however, wishes to escape his master’s grab but Tanagau prevents him from doing so, forever urging him to change his ways. Such is the tale of these lands, one that we must look up to, for in the skies, they are there, forevermore.”

Interpretations of the story along with systemic analyses of the planetary quadrant point to signs that Yomaeru was once one planet. Heavy amounts of radiation scars on the planets' inner layers lead to an astronomical event which split the planet in two. This was most likely a Hadron Flare, emanating from Kronias HD83. Due to the force of the event, the planet was torn apart but coalesced again into two smaller planets. As to how the story implies about Satosnok escaping is not known, although both planets emit strange amounts of anti-gravity fields from time to time, separating them by a large distance, only for them to once again come into balance within their respective fields, obscuring one from the other and vice versa, "forevermore."


Crafted in A.P.CS6

Stock courtesy of stock.xchang



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